Additional qualifications

Companies search for personalities and not just students with good grades. Through additional qualifications the interest of the companies rises and students get internships easily.

The examinations are carried out by external examining boards. The quality is proven by victories in different competitions.

In the middle of the National Park Hohe Tauern our students have the possibility to get attractive additional qualifications such as the Austrian Ski Instructor Candidate Certificate or the Biking and Hiking Guide.

To guarantee the culinary success of a company, competent wine service is vital. With this additional qualification, our students get knowledge and skills for being qualified to work in the field of a sommelier. The training includes 60 hours of beverage management. Students get acquainted with international wines and learn the basics about wine production. They are able to make a professional wine recommendation. The final exam of this course is a pre-stage for the Austrian Wine Sommelier examination.

The significance of cheese in gastronomy is on the rise. Therefore, we enable our students to obtain this additional qualification for such a noble and diverse natural product. In 40 hours of training, they get an overview of the different kinds of cheese and learn about contents, production, methods of maturing, storage, purchase, calculation, cheese presentation and cutting techniques. Instruction on how to inform customers professionally and give advice on suitable beverages is part of this training, as well.

Our students are encouraged to participate in a 60 hours of Training on various methods of preparing and mixing standard drinks. They invent their own creations and design a professional bar menu. In a final exam, the acquired knowledge is presented to representatives of the Business community and the Austrian Barkeeper-Union.

Additional qualifications

  • Ski Instructor Candidate
  • Biking & Hiking Guide
  • Austrian Junior Wine Sommelier
  • Austrian Cheese Connoiseur
  • Junior Barkeeper